How to create a PivotTable from Forms?

A PivotTable of web page back-end platform is created from cells of each Form. Take “repair form” as example. Describe as below:

1. Login to ServiceJDC back-end platform (web page version), go to “Form Management> Task Data Search.” 

2. Pick up the name of Form (Upload Person and Upload Date are optional) and click “Search/ Refresh” to run. 

3. Click “Pivot Table.”

Functions in the following picture:

A- chart type, B- calculation type, C- row, D- cell item, E- column.


Example 1: Repair Form
The following table is statistics of repair material. Header of row is date, and header of column is material.

1. Based on the upper form’s requirements, drag cell items “Upload date” and “Items” to row and column respectively.

2. Define the Calculation Type as Summary. Run the calculation to complete the table. 

Example 2: Repair form

1. Both row and column can add multiple items. Drag “Upload date”, “Upload staff” and “Items” to row and column. Select “Sum” in “calculation type” to get the calculated numbers.

2. If “Upload staff” put at first, the statistic shows the numbers of materials consumed sort by staff.

3. If items (Materials) is the primary header, columns will be shown as below:

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