Work Anyplace with Just a Smartphone

We build a high efficiency e-office for every enterprise from every industry troughs ServiceJDC. Assisting you enhance business core value with minimum cost.

Connect internal and external of enterprise

You can check all the task status, office internal information, attendance records, form approval status, customers service records through the cross-platform and real-time cloud service without time and place limited. We can truly simplify office communication and enhance work efficiency!

Powerful workflows can
apply to all the industries

Our customized form function can set up field elements of forms, process of approval, authority of department, and ways of attendance audit to suit your needs. Multi-device synchronize with customized settings can assist you data integration.

Enhance core competency with first-hand market data

We help simplify routine work like data collecting of work, customers, and competitors with task and form functions. Focus on analyzing the first-hand data can enhance core competency of the enterprise.


OpenAPI Specification

We support Android / iOS / Web, and API specification to concatenate with other system.

customer service

We provide free customers service on ServiceJDC’s website, Facebook fan page, and LINE@. We have professional implementation consultant team. With personal service, we provide all the enterprise the best, the most professional and the safest service.

We’ll put you
on the right path

We create a cloud-based management platform apply to all the industries with over 40 years’ experience in management. Our goal is to manage field work more efficiency to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

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