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Simple Interface, Easy to Use.
Field staffs management is just a piece of cake!

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A right Management tool is the key to the successful business management.

Comprehensive Customized

BI function for field manager: dispatch, manage and analysis
Real-time, accurate, and delicacy operation
Enhance effectiveness and decision-making capability .

Low Cost

Starter edition free for enterprise under 5 accounts
Free upgrade and continuously updated product
SMEs can enjoy low investment and high return

0 Time Difference

Employees, customers and tasks can be imported immediately
User friendly front-end & back-end platform: quickly key in and complete task
Get real-time data with no time difference .

High Flexibility

Easily create forms by using custom form function
Set up form’s authority for different employees
Manage the database with high flexibility form management.

High Quality

The largest cloud service –– AWS
Won several awards and operated for a year
Guarantee in stability and quality

Excellent Service

Pursuit high quality in setting up and after-sale service
Scenario videos, successful cases, and technical support
Must suit your needs and meet your expectation .

As a business executive, do you have these troubles?

How to calculate attendance records?
How to control field staffs?
How to minimize paperwork?
How to manage customers?
How to synchronize information?
How to analysis data more efficiency?

ServiceJDC –– Your best choice of fieldworker management

MDS possesses extensive experience in information integration solution and fieldworker management to build the could-based fieldworker platform.
With the advantage of cloud platform, we provide fast and low cost service to assist business transformation.


We continuously provide high quality service from the bottom of our heart.

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