Equipment Management

Equipment management can customize settings of equipment ID, equipment name, customer name, installation location, warranty time and technique data. Managers can digital task dispatch, while field staff can check and report mobilized to fulfill smart equipment management.

Systematic Management to Control Equipment

Centralized manage of all building and stores with real time synchronize makes all status clear. Effectively reduce idle equipment and enhance staff’s maintenance with good control.

Integrate with High Flexibility

Staff skill maintenance can let managers find appropriate staff. Along with staff’s schedule, managers can control all status of maintenance staff and dispatch temporary task.


Customized Expanded Field

Equipment data and malfunction ID can be customized easily, including equipment number, name, photo, customers name, warranty time, install location and maintenance technique.


Malfunction Database Search

We provide customized malfunction list and let users set up malfunction database to let maintenance staff realize problems of equipment and search answers through phones.


Fast Select Related Field

We provide customized data edit to managers. Field staff can fill in forms by selecting hierarchy data or automatically inputting related data of parts list, product list and machine type list. 


Mobilize Process to Manage More Transparent

Multi-platform let field staff search equipment data, history maintenance records and malfunction repair records through any smart device. Also, we assist users diminish search and phone call communication time.

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