Cloud-base Field Staff Management

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Internal & external Integration

Cloud-based ServiceJDC integrate all the field work functions with digital and mobile concept. Work data can be synchronized and the managers can control all the work easily.

Clear Task Status

Task status can show “Pending”, “Processing”, “Complete” with customized set up “Processing” status depend on needs. Managers can check all these data through web or app without time and location limit.

Manage Customers
Easily and Efficiently

All the customer data centralize management with customer service records, task history and forms stored in our system. You don’t need to worried about staff’s leave or resignation with comprehensive customer data base.


Error Status Alert

You will receive an automatic notice 15 minutes before task start or late start. And system will calculate distance between staff’s check in location and task location.

Key Data, Fast Analysis

Considerable data of work, customers and competitors will automatically synchronize to cloud data base. Our system effectively diminish labor and time cost on data collecting and calculating, and assist you fast analysis these data.


Manage Overseas Business

Support 3 versions with Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English. And users can switch time zone and map according to his location. System can also select map with options of Google map or Baidu map.


Clear Attendance Report

Attendance records like punch in/out, leave, work overtime, late arrive and early leave can check on phones. Staff can also fill in approval forms through the app to help human resource department save time on calculating salary analysis.


Significant Data Announcement

✓Real Time Control Announcement
Enterprise important data can publish through announcement with real time push notification. Field staff can receive immediately and the managers can view read result.
✓Questionnaire Survey and Chart Report
Managers can edit interactive questionnaire to collect opinion of team members. ex. Exhibition support willingness survey, health check survey, parking registration, dinner party survey. All the survey can automatically calculate and show in charts.

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