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Video- Product introduction- ServiceJDC.

Big saving on working hours & expenditure of communication. Make communication easier & work efficiency better! Automate process in enterprises, reduce operational cost and create more value!

Video- Product introduction- ServiceJDC. – Chapter. Maintenance situation.

Product introduction- ServiceJDC. – Maintenance situation. Just use your finger, you could control and manage easily check-in/out for go to/off work, schedule review, task report, photo upload, or form input in anytime and anywhere!

Evaluation: Good helper for enterprise owners: “ServiceJDC” comprehensively enhance operational efficiency.

“ServiceJDC” is a online website tool that is dedicated to enterprises. It helps owners to control fieldworkers’ schedule plan instantly. And the website interface is clear and easy to use!

【ServiceJDC- Smart management 】Episode 1 -New employee on trial

Fieldworkers are very afraid to forget to bring their documents when they are out of office. Utilize “ServiceJDC” to solve the trouble of work and make it easy and convenient!

【ServiceJDC - Smart management】Episode 2-Solving enterprises’ pain points

For an emergent requirement of customer order confirmation, use ServiceJDC to make quick search and prompt customer respond!

【ServiceJDC- Smart management】Episode 3 -Make a quick customer data overview

An emergency appears to fresh man, A-Min! At this time, senior staff, Miss Hua not only utilizes the form function in ServiceJDC to collect form data on mobile, but also make a report with pivot table function of back-end platform in just one minute!

ServiceJDC- A-Mean on task – Chapter. plumber engineering

A-Mean on task introduces the application and tips of task dispatches through demonstrating the situation of plumber engineering industry. The operation of manual tasks, such as regular maintenance, temporary repair, and inspections could be done easily!

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ready to serve you!

Welcome to contact us, ready to serve you!

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.