Customer Management

Contacts, task lists, potential business opportunities, contract, quotations data can be stored in could-based system. Field staff can find customer’s real needs to reach customer-orientated service. Managers can control enterprise’s operations with high efficiency.


Centralize Management

Customer data, visit records and service records is completely stored with remote backup system. You can also set up organization and project members. Different roles can set up authorities to avoid data leakage.


Check Anytime to Effectively Control

Multi-platform real time synchronize can shorten field staff’s time in searching data. All the customer’s contact, service records, and service location are portable with smart phones.


Best Service Helps Seek Business Opportunities

We build up a simple way to help enterprise collect data, share data, and analysis data. With one stop management, our system can provide a faster, simple and flexible experience to enhance customer’s satisfaction and seek business opportunities with these data.


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