Customer Success

It’s our pleasure to serve you! We appreciate your compliment~ Mobile service JDC are better thanks to you!
“Mobilize” the process! Reduce operational cost, create more value for enterprises!
Enhance fieldworker’s service quality, save large investment, and enhance brand image!
Real time data collect to adjust marketing strategy and stimulate sales performance.
Reduce time and cost of software integration. Easier communication & better work efficiency!
Convenient, instant data collection. Create high efficient work mode for enterprises!
Comprehensive customer visit history collection, makes the best customer service!
Digital statistic mode, easy check-in, and clear examination process!
Fast task dispatch to control data and enhance work performance.
Real time control project status with digital management to integrate and analysis data faster!
Choose professional field staff managing system to record and analysis data faster!
Service fulfill pain pionts with professional consultants to implement sysyem faster!

Best choice for enterprises

Use ServiceJDC, enjoy our comprehensive service and creation that we bring for your enterprise. You could be more competitive!

Cross-platform technology

Cross-platform technology

Support mobile phones, tablets, and PCs simultaneously and appropriately.
Instant data overview

Instant data overview

Enterprises owners and the management could check each dispatched tasks and execution status in backend interface. Decision making is more efficient and process running is smoother.
Excellent customer management

Excellent customer management

No only maintain customer data at any time but also control every latest information instantly. No missing at all!

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