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Mercuries Liquor & Food Co., Ltd is a joint venture established by Mercuries & Associates Holding LTD and Asahi Breweries, Ltd in 1st October 2008. Our core business is Japan No.1 beer- Asahi draft beer. We are also act on behalf of other famous Japanese alcohol products, such as NIKKA whisky, iichiko shochu, Kizakura sake, and shochikubai sake in order to provide a more comprehensive service.

Recently, we further act on behalf of famous condiments, such as Kewpie, Bull-dog, as product line expansion. Our service scope are more than 20,000 customer sites, include hypermarket, convenient store, fresh food supermarket, variety of restaurants, and chain restaurants. ASAHI MERCURIES CO., LTD expect to reach the ultimate goal of “grow together” with customers through the most comprehensive product lines and most experienced service team. We have branches and distribution centers all over Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Each center is able to deliver to anywhere all over Taiwan, which provides a more comprehensive management performance.

Pain Points

1. Beer promoter management
The management of beer promoter scheduling, clock in/out, and daily sales record are managed by supervisor through Line and E-mail. It takes several days to collect their daily reports due to the fact that beer promoter enter the office only once in a while. For the statistic of everyone’s sales performance and bonus, the assistant needs to spend extra hours to type into excel. It’s complicated and low-efficient.

2. Track maintenance staff’s dispatch
Beer machines are the profit generator of our company. We won’t be able to sell if machine is down. For lower machine failure rate and better availability, maintenance engineers need to maintain the machine regularly in each site. Staff dispatch for equipment maintenance and installation are currently proceed by sales person through phone calls or line. Obviously, it’s very inconvenient to track the progress.

3. Easier delivery process
Drivers deliver orders to stores or restaurants according to shipping forms from ERP system. There is a lot to deliver in each trip. In the case of goods return or exchange, the driver needs to write down the information on shipping form, request customer to sign, and give it back to delivery center on return.

Then, administrator collects the forms and enters data into ERP system to close the case. All relevant forms need to be saved carefully. If the shopping form is missing, the driver will have to return just for customer signature. The process are complex and time-consuming。

Imported Benefits

ServiceJDC brings a whole new experience to Mercuries Liquor & Food Co., Ltd.
ServiceJDC incorporates SAAS cloud computing, cell phone and Web management platform that conduct enterprise mobility service, which tremendously facilitates the convenience in operation and improves efficiency!
*The best fieldworker management platform
Once implemented ServiceJDC, the supervisor only needs to post the schedule on web management platform. After that, the beer promoters will be able check, right in App, that when and where their assignment are for every single day of a coming week. The supervisor could also check staff's on duty status by viewing their task report with check in/out. To close the case of the task, simply submit daily sales report in App by using customized form. It will synchronize in backend system.

Instant information, comprehensive report!
For maintenance engineer, the implementation of ServiceJDC brings a clear and quick overview of regular maintenance plan and repair task. Meanwhile, the management are able to review current progress at any time. Management is quick and efficient.

*Prefect API integration tool
Through the interface of dedicated API and ERP system of ServiceJDC, shipping form are directed sent to drivers' App. For every single delivery, drivers are able to request receivers to confirm whether the goods received are identical with which are ordered by using “form function” and then just get their signature directly in the App after confirmation. All above are synchronized in backend system. Process are much simpler through API transmission to ERP system. No more issues of keeping any paper form. It's a huge benefit.

Overall speaking, the implementation of ServiceJDC truly simplify a lot of previous operational process and ensure no delay of information. Most of the all, management becomes much easier and more efficient. Our service quality are better and management cost are less. With all the benefits, ServiceJDC are no doubt our indispensable partner.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.