Customer Success Stories

It’s our pleasure to serve you! We appreciate your compliment. Mobile serviceJDC is better because of you.
Zhenwang Technology are established in 14th October, 2008 at Taitung city in Taitung County. We provide retail, whole sell, installation, repair, and comprehensive after sales service. Our business scope covers multiple fields: computer and business equipment machine, electronic materials, telecom equipment, electronic devices, precision instruments, machinery, and information software.

Our foundation is the pragmatic and professional skills. And our business philosophy is “Truly for you, people-oriented.”
Externally, we provide our customer professional technology equipment with fair price. We offer the best service from our heart with careful attitude and the faith of “always think for you a bit more.” We believe through word of mouth, we could reach more customers with our luck. Internally, our business fields are not only diversified but also complicated, that’s why we care about our employees in many aspects and make sure they are fully safe at work. We create a tremendous work environment with respect and no worry for our employees.

Customer Testimonial

All-in-one maintenance staff management. Simple, efficient and robust.

1. Task management is clear and easy to understand
n the past, we manage by multiple software: using google calendar to arrange works and use social apps, such as Facebook, for feedback and communication regarding work progress. The information are here and there in different systems. We often need to look back certain piece of information in our conversation record. It’s also a big problem to manage our work afterward. We couldn’t catch every information in real time. What’s more, it takes a huge effort to categorize them.

By the recommendation of our client, we started to implement professional fieldwork management system- “ServiceJDC”. Our field engineers could check their task of the day or month simply through APP. Our office staffs or the management could review relevant process record, attachment, and forms by accessing to Web backend platform. That saves a lot of time on search, confirmation, and communication. Our work process are successfully simplified, so that our employees could better use their time. Thankfully, our work efficiency improved tremendously!

2. Task statistic is convenient and automatic
Previously, we need to review the monthly accomplished rate of each projects through multiple systems such as Google and Facebook. Now, just simply use “Task Statistic” function in Web backend platform of “ServiceJDC”, we could immediately check the status about our clients, fieldworkers, and the progress of tasks. (include the percentage of different progresses: accomplished on time, overdue, on-going, to be proceeded, and cancelled). It is automatic, comprehensive in statistics, and easy to get overview in one glance. It solved completely our long lasting issue and trouble of data integration!

3. Customer management becomes so easy
Overall digitalized customer data and task management let us to say goodbye to old fashioned paper form operation. In one hand, our field engineers could view clearly customer information while checking their tasks, which allow them to contact customer promptly to accelerate task execution. On the other hand, the management are able to grasp customer status by getting single or multiple customer task histories from Web backend platform. In this way, we offer our customer a better service quality without limitation of where we are and time-wasted on data search.

4. Quick report of work progress
Field engineers are now be able to quickly check the task of the day through App as well as easily report their work progress using just few minutes right after work is finished by check in, text description, photo upload in once! We are now doing field test of customized form function of ServiceJDC. Shipping forms or repair forms are able to be created and filled in directly by App. Once customer is signed, it could be uploaded immediately into the system. We believe it could help for a better storage and management while save paper once its implementation is more popular.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.