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Customer Testimonial

Ares Engineering is mainly responsible for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) sales and services, including routine maintenance, construction site supervising and equipment installment. We have customers in North, Middle and South Taiwan. We have contracts with them, so we have to manage staff on-site time, work progress and weekly achievement rate.

Convenient Assignment. Save Time and Energy.
Our maintenance employees have to handle 6~7 tasks a day. To manage every employee’s work progress and condition, office staff need to spend lots of time checking with maintenance employees, which lead to communication costs and work time waste. To solve this, we decided to apply a management system to make work info transparent and syncing up.

At first, we found some customized systems but they were all expensive, so we gave up on it. Afterwards, through a friend’s introduction, we found ServiceJDC, mobile cloud management, so we contacted them and started a trial.

Task management functions in ServiceJDC are completed, we can set up employees’ authentications and office staff can assign or batch-assign task by our needs in web-end. Field staff can not only check on today’s tasks and locations but punch in/out and close the tasks on APP. If there are changes in tasks, office staff can adjust them and field staff will receive the changing notification. All the work info can be synced up and the complicated assignment processes and communication problems are solved now. We can have more time on customers and business.

Clear and Concise Task Report.
In addition to solving the communication problem, ServiceJDC records all tasks and process histories and provides dashboard to show daily, weekly, monthly task status, unfinished tasks, and process histories. Office staff don’t need a half day organize, calculate, and confirm task info. All they have to do is open task dashboard in web-end and start reviewing and reporting the projects, saving manual mistakes and maximizing the benefits.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.