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AWA FOODS MATERIAL PLACE CO., LTD. established in Feb. 2002, which provide various hot pot’s ingredients with low temperature logistic service. Their customers are hot pot restaurant, Shabu Shabu, restaurant and fusion restaurant, coverage all areas of Taiwan. Customers can place an order with service of “one-day logistic” to diminish restaurant’s ingredients purchase work. With concept of “high quality of service, safe and low cost ingredients,” AWA built on a win-win partnership to enhance sales performance of customers.
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Imported Benefits

Field staff management model is complex and hard to integrate in ERP system. We had tried using GPS device to report location, but information during visits was hard to record. ServiceJDC is based on cloud and can be use on phones can assist our salesperson punch in, massive data and photo records with real-time synchronized to back-end platform. For sales assistances, they can calculate data and generate repot faster. Both “execute” and” manage” phases are fulfilled brings win-win situation for our company.

▶For managers
Map view of task make task dispatch precisely
We integrate customer’s contact information and address into ServiceJDC system. In this way, you can centralize customer’s data and use map mode to verify customer’s location and sales persons and dispatch task to them. After task dispatch, sales persons can check schedule and punch in to report back with phones. Managers can use web platform to realize real-time work status. Enhance service efficiency and quality can solve problems of controlling sales persons’ work status.

Smart analysis of key data to enhance customer management and find business opportunities
In the past, paper forms can not integrate so, it’s hard to evaluate staff’s performance and analysis. With ServiceJDC, even if staff transferring, managers can check history data to control all the customers’ information. Therefore, uploaded data can generate various statistic reports to help manager evaluate staff’s performance faster and precisely. Statistic of task can realize customer’s status and report data. If managers check frequently, you can find customer’s business opportunities and prevent outflow of customers.

▶For staff
Announcement management diminish IT technician’s workload
In the past, AWA needed to establish mail server. IT technician must to manage server host and exchange mail server. It may cause data security problems and may be a heavy workload for technician. However, as cloud service becomes convenient and stable, companies can focus on ERP maintenance and data analysis.

Flexible forms settings makes fieldwork easier
After implementing ServiceJDC, all important announcement and information are recorded in APP. Field staff check in then check important notice from “visit form” created by IT technician. Before entering restaurants sales persons can check these notes to self-check. In this way, sales persons will not miss important detail.
5 minutes can finish form filling to fulfill high efficiency work
Our company’s high-level executives expect staff to fill daily forms within 5 minutes. It’s hard to achieve with traditional working process. Salespersons need to collect business cards, address and contact person in every visits. Then, they fill in work record forms when coming back to office. Finally, upload photos of paper forms with Line. It is not only a waste of time, but also consuming more than 600 pieces od paper per months.

After using ServiceJDC, when salesperson visit customers, they fill in forms in phones. In this way, all of data can turn into files and synchronize to internal staff after submit. All data and location of check-in store in cloud without data loss to make daily process faster. For special customers, salespersons can customize forms with flexibility.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.