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Corremax Intl. Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and has committed to providing the best customer service and cooperating with manufactures to re-max the market share and profits for all parties. We have customers in China, Taiwan and South East Asia and act as agent of more than 40 brands.

We take integrity, learning, creativity, and open at a superior value. We are here to represent and promote the products of our contracted manufactures to our customers, specializing in machines, gears, solar energies, and vacuum machines. We strive to meet customer's satisfaction and suggest the best manufactures for every project. We have done a great deal over the years to implement and achieve our vision and maintain top quality. We are always pleased to assist.

Customer Testimonial

Most systems can’t meet our company’s maintenance situations that we can’t simplify the workflow and digitalize the data.
Task + Form + Equipment
  • All-in-one maintenance management helps us manage equipment and customers and link all service histories.
  • Maintenance histories are recorded automatically and completely in the cloud system. Staff can check them through cellphones.
We can hardly get the information about the process of customer visits and maintenance situations timely owning to transnational management.
Customer + Task + Form
  • Salespeople fill out service record forms on app that keeps customer information up to date.
Employees take business trips frequently. Counting and reviewing these expenses take lots of time.
  • Applying business trips and other expenses through digital forms makes fast approval.


Most systems can’t meet our company’s maintenance situations that we can’t simplify the workflow and digitalize the data.
Task + Form + Equipment

  • All-in-one maintenance management helps us manage equipment and customers and link all service histories.
  • Maintenance histories are recorded automatically and completely in the cloud system. Staff can check them through cellphones.

Imported Benefits

All-in-One Maintenance Management
Diverse Management Models Fit in Every Maintenance Application
We used to use other system, but their languages, forms and related applications weren’t suitable for us. To effectively simplify the workflow, we searched new system provider again.

Luckily, in 2020, we heard about maintenance applications through ServiceJDC on the broadcast and contacted them for trying out immediately. The consultant patiently gave us advices for using and heard our problem carefully. ServiceJDC has functions like tasks, customers, and equipment managements that meet every maintenance situation. We handle trouble calls, repairs, and maintenances through ServiceJDC. Office support staff set up equipment-related information, customer names, maintenance skills on the website back-end and collect repair process from each broken device form to establish the complete data base. Through the data base, maintenance staff can have a clear picture of equipment problems and easily finish equipment management.

Digitalization Enables Mobile Checking
In the past, maintenance staff always needed to call to office support staff for maintenance histories so that they could help our customers out. And they could only record the processes in Excel after coming back to office which is so bothering. To solve the problem, we chose ServiceJDC to help.

Now, we can link maintenance-related consumables to tasks assignments and digital forms on ServiceJDC. Besides, we can pre-set up related items into forms. After importing ServiceJDC, we can pre-assign the maintenance tasks before maintenance staff going out and customers can sign on the cellphones after maintenance. Other than that, we can timely check maintenance histories which is time-saving and convenient.

Digital Synchronization for Transnational Management
Real time customer information for salesperson to access everywhere
We have customers in China, Taiwan, and South East Asia. We could only know the situations of customer visits through daily sales reports that we hardly stayed on top of customers’ conditions. ServiceJDC provides services on not only maintenance but also sales management.

After importing the system, we threw our colleagues’ and customers’ contact info up to the cloud so that the office staff can assign tasks to field staff. Salespeople can get daily schedule (either be assigned or plan visiting by themselves) and report and punch in/out on the ServiceJDC app. Besides, through forms, we can record the texts, data, photos, and customer signatures when having business meeting, discussion, and employee training. Our managers can keep up to date to the process in the back-end and give comments on the tasks when having advices. These functions enable us to have an efficient two-way communication and promote management efficiency.

Expense Apply and Approve on Forms
We have many business trips abroad, so the language system and maps in the ServiceJDC are a great help. Our China colleagues and staff on business trip have wonderful experiences using ServiceJDC. We love to use forms as well. Our staff can schedule trips and assign tasks in the forms so that we can clearly see the expense items like travel costs, accommodations and socializing etc., and we can approve them on the app. It is bothering to apply business travel costs transnationally and other expenses and overtime. Luckily, we have ServiceJDC to help! It has customized data function that can be linked to forms automatically. Through the forms, travel allowances can be counted and shown clearly. Field Staff can upload files and photos like tickets, invoices, and receipts to the forms, which decreases the risk of losing these proofs and makes office staff reimburse them faster.

The Best for Digital Transformation
Helped by ServiceJDC, Corremax can stay in control of the maintenance progress and improve workflow that employees have better work efficiency and performance. Also, we can keep on the market trend and salespeople can expend more business opportunities. We use work order, maintenance, equipment, form, sales managements, and online approval in ServiceJDC to solve the managing problem which brings new value in the company.

As a partner of companies for digital transformation, ServiceJDC has deep insights on field services like equipment maintaining, shops beautification, delivery, retail selling, domestic cleaning, and home care. We have been dedicated to helping traditional industries get rid of paperwork and improving transnational managements. We provide not only online approving and multi-language system, letting you work from home easily and employees can punch in/out wherever they are. Transnational management is no longer a problem. ServiceJDC provides free version for under 5 users. If you want to know more about us, please go to ServiceJDC official website.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.