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Established in 1975, Deamark Limited has been a CNC processing peripherals dealer and believes in “Sincerity, Quality, Active and Service” to target domestic and abroad markets. We have offices in Japan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and have years experiences on marketing agency. We began our career by being a dealer for Japan’s famous brands like KTC, TOP, KEIBA, TOKU, CRC, and KITAGAWA, now we have solutions for Sortimo commercial vehicles and own brand TORA, DEAMARK, and FULLER.

In 2011, Deamark Limited started Torque Calibration Laboratory and won the TAF certificate. We have the highest torque calibration in the industry and received a high value from APLAC in 2013.

Troubles at Work

Door access control + paper attendance gives a hard time calculating salary
We used door access control for attendance records and made them to payroll according. However, these data need to be calculated and processed by office staff; besides, paper leave and OT applications are hard to count which leads to inconvenient salary calculating. Every month, we needed to spend much time on this, and it was a waste of labors.

Daily reports are like memoirs which makes it difficult to control work progress
We have flexible working mode and for salespeople, they might come back to the office to fill out sales daily reports after finishing 3-5 customer visits. However, working outside for all day makes it hard to remember the detailed work items and becomes a difficulty on sales management.

At the same time, this kind of management couldn’t get everyone’s work schedule in advance and it caused bunch of time organizing sales data. For company, it couldn’t get the real-time work status and quantify performance; also, it can’t help us to improve work progress and optimize operation strategies.

Imported Benefits

1- Apply Task and Form Management.

Clear Task Assignments. Visible Tracking Records.

After importing ServiceJDC, salesperson will create a task in the system and punch in/out, report status through APP. Work schedule and task status will be synced up in the web-end, applying "seek truth from facts" to the team and the company can know the exact employees’ assignments.

Besides, customer info and form data can be linked to tasks. Unlike the past, we had to check on info like contract date separately, now we can view form data in tasks and customer service histories in customer info to facilitate customer relationships and quota! ServiceJDC is like a mobile data base, you can browse all task records in the web-end and the performance management can be clearer.

No More Scattered Data. Save Them in the Cloud for Auto Organization.
We turned to ServiceJDC to improve our fill-out process for sales forms, and they gave us a pretty good solution. Digital forms enable salespeople to fill them out on phones, preventing from forgetting. And when work is done, they can upload the files to the cloud, which helps to fast review and organize and don’t have to worry about data lost.

Organize Complicated Customer Data. A Whole Aspect to Sales Construction.
To use task and form functions more efficiently, we transferred data to ServiceJDC. In the process of transferring, we found out that there are lots of ineffective data, that helped us to reassess the old data and to re-organize and re-analyze data. This helps us to establish strategies for the further development a lot.
2- Apply Mobile Attendance Functions.

Mobile Leave/OT Application Decreases Manual Mistakes.

Using ServiceJDC, we don’t need to import data in door access control, what we need to do is set up back-end settings and employees can check in/out through GPS and WI-FI. We don’t have to purchase extra hardware and it saves our costs.

For leave and OT application, employees can apply them through APP and the process status is clear. When the approval is done, the data will be automatically imputed to the attendance records. There will be every staff’s work, leave, and OT
hours in attendance report, and they are more correct than manual calculating.

The Most Flexible Approval Module. Process Designation as Convenient as Customized.
We have offices around Taiwan and abroad, and each approval is review by managers in each department. Refer to company’s approval regulations, we can have flexible approval process setting, add on implement condition in ServiceJDC. This is literally user-friendly.
3- Extended Application - Customized Data.

Company Rent Control. Locked Applied Car.

It’s a problem for many companies to manage company cars. As employees come and go, it’s insufficient for using traditional management. Fortunately, the consultant of ServiceJDC provided us the solution for this problem. We are now using customized data to set up company car info and through schedule function, the system will update the rental status and other staff can’t choose the car so that we can have the cars under control.
Completed Workflow. Deep and Controlled Performance Way.

We have a big change on work management and attendance management after applying ServiceJDC, and the most useful function for us is digital form. It enables salespeople to fill it out anytime and managers to have a picture of workflow and work status. It saves time for office staff to organize data, and useful data can be analyzed effectively.

In addition to realizing original management goal, the consultant has given us many advises from their experience. Apart from company car management, we have maintenance work, and the consultant has suggested us to apply maintenance management and we would love to assess it for the future use.

You can have a trial and apply it after; ServiceJDC use staged capacity payment, you can evaluate your need and purchase it. ServiceJDC is a great tool with a reasonable price. From attendance, sales, and maintenance management, the SaaS can help you save the fee on building up hardware and the extra labors to maintain; all small and medium company can realize digital transformation easily. ServiceJDC provides free trial for up to five people. You can learn more on ServiceJDC official website.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.