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"Lohas Rice" the Philosophy on Rice Farming
Located in the purest and most natural area of the East Rift Valley Rice Crop Professional Area (including Fuli, Taitung Chihshang, and Guanshan), they work with local farmers and practice environmentally friendly farming, saying "Farmers cannot live without the land, and the most important thing for us is to protect the land." In addition to the quality of their rice, they also value environmental sustainability and respect for the beauty of nature.

From the East Rift Valley and Carefully Selected
“Rediscover the feeling of the land and thank the earth for its gifts." Lohas Rice's partners plant rice crops with an environmentally friendly mindset and live in symbiosis with the environment, not pursuing the yield of rice crops, but focusing on the planting process and the quality of the ripened rice crops, resulting in rice that is flexible, viscous and sweet, with a refreshing aroma that is comparable to that of Japanese rice, and that retains its flexibility in both hot and cold.

Lohas Rice's culture is customer-first, teamwork, trustworthiness, and embracing change. In the face of the fast-changing environment and market, they firmly believe that only through teamwork can they create peaks in good times and remain invincible in bad!

外勤筋斗雲 客戶案例 樂米穀場

Troubles at Work

Reporting work with communication software makes it difficult to compile
Lohas Rice used to use communication software to report back on work, but with a large team, once work issues were sent at the same time, it was easy to overload the chat room with too much information, making it difficult for managers to get critical information or to understand the overall status and progress of the team.

Fragmented way of saving photos and limited album capacity
In the merchandising part, in order to check the status and quantity of the products on the shelves, they need to take photos to keep records. In the past, Lohas Rice stored the photos in albums in the communication software, but with a large number of photos, the capacity of the albums was limited, which led to the need to manually download and sort the photos and delete them from the albums every once in a while, thus increasing the workload of the staff.

Time-consuming workday and sales report
At the end of each day's work schedule, the sales staff must fill out a daily report, including product display feedback, order details, competitive product collection, etc., and upload it for submission. However, if managers want to compile the overall performance report, they have to download and organize all the daily reports of their staff, which makes the process of consolidation quite long and time-consuming.

Difficulties in collecting attendance records for field staff not in fixed locations
Since the punch card machine is only installed at the company and it is not mandatory for the sales staff to depart from the company for customer visits, there was no need for the sales staff to punch in and out of work in the past. However, with the change in the law, attendance records became necessary. There must be a change in the practice of attendance management.

The actual mileage cannot be verified through transportation tickets
The fuel expenses of the sales staff on their work trips are invoiced to the company based on the invoices from the gas stations. However, it is impossible to check the actual mileage of the staff through the invoice details, which is a difficult problem to take into account in traditional mileage management.

Imported Benefits

Centralized management, accurately grasp the task status
For convenience, they have been using mobile phones to report on fieldwork-related matters, but the communication software they used in the past not only tended to mix personal and business matters but also caused a lot of inconvenience in the transmission of information. The ServiceJDC mobile app makes it easy to separate business from personal matters and consolidate reports on work status under a single task. The ServiceJDC backend can also automatically count the status of tasks as employees report progress, and provide managers with an intuitive understanding of their team's work status through Dashboard charts and data analysis.

Automatically summarizes digital forms, data, and photos without manual sorting
The biggest advantage of form digitization is that the data does not need to be organized separately. The system is like a database, not only can the form data be found quickly through the search criteria, but there is also a pivot analysis function so that the data in the form can be converted into a chart with one click, both sales statuses and reports can be easily quantified and viewed.

The photos can also be stored as attachments to the form data, the ServiceJDC cloud service makes photo storage less of a problem. When exporting photos from the back office, the system will also create folders according to the number, keeping all photos and forms in order. Not only does it take less time to organize, but it also saves manpower!

Punch-in according to customer location, apply for leave at any time and place
In the industry, the workplace often changes according to the location of the customers visited on that day, and this irregular schedule makes collecting attendance records a major problem. ServiceJDC can incorporate customer locations into punch-in locations for work patterns where attendance locations change. Through the app, personnel can select the location of the customer when punching in, and the system will automatically compare the GPS location and time to meet the attendance norms so that supervisors no longer have to worry about checking the attendance status of their staff.

In terms of leave-taking, ServiceJDC's settings are very flexible. For example, vaccination leave and quarantine leave, which have been added in recent years for epidemic purposes, can be easily set up. The number of days off can also be manually adjusted for a single employee, which is very convenient. Moreover, the staff can apply for leave through the app, which not only eliminates the hassle of the sign-off process but also allows them to check the remaining leave days at any time.

Clock-in operation for easy tracking of work trips & calculate the fuel cost according to the mileage
Sales and commercial staff often have to travel to and from multiple locations throughout the day, and using invoices from gas stations to apply for subsidies for the fuel cost is certainly a good way to do this, but there is no way to check whether these costs include personal use. ServiceJDC can calculate the route between two points based on the employee's punch-in location, estimate the mileage, and then calculate the subsidy fee according to the preset rate so that the enterprise can be more assured in mileage management.

Our consultants aid companies in digital transformation from testing to official use!

In the process of evaluating the system, in addition to the applicability of the system, the consultant's past service experience is also an important part. Experienced consultants often understand the needs of the enterprise and are more able to provide timely assistance and advice from the user's perspective, so that the entire system implementation process can proceed smoothly as expected. ServiceJDC's team of consultants has years of experience in field management services, has mature solutions in business and commercialization, and has served the industries, which fully meet Lohas Rice's needs.

With the help of consultants, Lohas Rice migrated their previous worksheets and established work processes to the ServiceJDC platform and followed the consultant's recommendation to rent short-term services to test the system on a small scale, not only to further understand the system's suitability but also to adjust and improve the smoothness of the entire workflow from the feedback of the staff. After a month of testing, the business team confirmed that the application of ServiceJDC was working as expected, and then began internal training, the introduction of the system, and rollout to the entire team.

ServiceJDC can easily solve the management problems of field teams in terms of scheduling, work data, attendance, mileage, and collaborative functions such as digital forms, and sign-off has built an efficient and automated work mode. The new payroll calculation can be combined with the original time and attendance function, allowing companies to solve the annoying administrative procedures of payroll in one go. Learn more on the ServiceJDC website.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.