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M & D Infoserve establish in 1987, which is a professional integrated marketing company. Now, it has 3 departments, including international and local goods agent department, distribution department, and merchandise display department. You Say’s goal is devoting to every customer with all efforts. They assist customers’ goods perfectly display in every retail stores to enhance brand image and sales performance. Also, You Say is a bridge between goods suppliers and retail stores to become more efficiency and economic.

Customer Testimonial

With only few steps to finish 10 thousand tasks per year, traditional industry enhance work efficiency
With 3 times implement and develop system themselves, You Say failed because of high level of technique and capital. Finally, Chun Liu though she found the right system ServiceJDC and adapted for only 3 months along with professional consultants’ help from MDS.

40 merchandise display staff’s task dispatch and report file is really amazing. In the past, a single staff needed to patrol 5~8 stores with more than 400 data submitted. For example, stack settings, price tag check, stock check and competitors’ data collect. There are more than 10 thousand task’s photo and files accumulated from the 40 staff merchandise team. After using ServiceJDC, web-end platform can import excel files. Staff can finish everyday work like execute tasks, upload photos, data and integrate files through APP.

Task dispatch and data collect based in cloud platform digitalizing merchandise display management
In the past, patrol staff used to write down on-site detail and key-in to computers. All the photos need to add names to match with printed forms. Then, using e-mail, line or upload cloud storage. It might have a risk in lacking of storage or missing files. A large number of file is a waste of paper and might be wrong because of labor works.”

With ServiceJDC, field staff can do above daily work of task, photo and data upload by phones. Data are stored in ServiceJDC platform, patrol staff can immediately export these data and send to customers. It helps You Say simplify merchandise display work, and diminish paper work, time cost in labors, and work loading during discount period.
Shorten time spending in merchandise display with real-time data feedback to make marketing decision
In the past, patrol staff spend 2 weeks to collect and integrate all the data in a single period. However, such slow pace delays lots of time in adjusting marketing strategy.

Through ServiceJDC, You Say staff only need to spend 3~5 workdays to submit reports to customers. With these reports, customers can adjust marketing strategy and stimulate sales performance.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.