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Make Perfect Food and Use Real Food is Super Qin Group's mission. For the past 30 years, Super Qin Group has awarded recognitions from notary associations such as CAS, HACCP, and ISO etc., not to mention the brand-developed company “My Warm Day” has initiated the new culture of brunch in Taiwan and successfully created the new value of life for Taiwanese. In 2013, My Warm Day even won “The National Brand Yushan Award” and has keeping the proud of great headquarters of chains for many years. Servicing over 500,000 customers a day, expanding business in China and East South Asia, My Warm Day has put an effort on establishing the most popular restaurant brand within the Asians.

Customer Testimonial

Developers usually take technology industry for a career priority, so for the food service industry, it is hard to cultivate technical talents and it is even harder to develop and maintenance by our own. Therefore, we choose ServiceJDC to help us.
One-By-One Consultant
The most difficult thing to import a system is clarifying needs and confirming workflow afterwards. It is easy to lead a negative result once the import steps get wrong or users have hard time operating it. ServiceJDC provides complete assistance through one-by-one consultant. You can sign the contract after confirming whether the product meets the needs and advances original workflow.

Instant Records, Efficient Salesperson
Frontline business development is the key to fast expanding business. Companies usually looks forward to collecting customers’ information as much as possible. However, salespeople usually record them on paper after visiting customers in the office, which may not only cause time lag but managers can hardly receive timely information. After importing ServiceJDC, we can assign visiting tasks through the app and track visiting records, to-be-signed contracts, and the process of expanding. Sales managers can easily track the process of expanding and performance of sales through the functions of photos and locations in the app.

Help Supervisors for Running Stores
To lower the chance of closing, it is important to have supervisors for running stores. In the current workflow, we have established the rule that the supervisors should irregularly inspecting stores yearly. Every supervisor takes charge of tens of stores which causes tons of daily records and visiting tasks. To solve the issue, we use tasks assignment and data record on ServiceJDC that all supervisors’ experiences and resources can share with all stores’ staff. ServiceJDC is the tool of advancing efficiency on management overall.
Flexible and Customized
Food service is a fast-changing industry, for Super Qin Group, a huge chain company, it is obvious that a system doesn’t fit every condition. After evaluating, we found that ServiceJDC is very flexible for use and has all-in-one management functions for field workers. Besides, it can integrate data with the company’s original system through API to digitize the service information.

Data Integration
Earlier stores and marketing data was recorded in days and on paper. It was time-consuming to transfer them to digital data manually. And what’s worse was that the data couldn’t be analyzed instantly. We made lots of store evaluation forms through ServiceJDC. Now all the supervisors have to do is enter numbers and the system will automatically calculate them. Besides, ServiceJDC helps us on employee training and experience inheriting. The new employees can have a view on the market through previous records even if the sales and supervisors are different. It has changed the past verbal training pattern a lot.

Wide Application
Super Qin Group is a meat product manufacturing and an important chicken supplier for North. To meet the different chicken product demands in market, we need to understand the raising data at any time and serviceJDC helps us record the data like temperature, humidity, and the level of CO2 of the farms and chickens’ body shapes. By putting and analyzing recorded-routinely data on cloud, we can timely face the change of the market.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.