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Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. is a joint venture between Japanese companies ULVAC, Yongjia International Development Co., REJ Co., Ltd., and Nisshin Control Co., Ltd. and has been in operation since April 2006. The parent company, Ulvac Group, is one of the world's leading vacuum equipment manufacturers and the only equipment manufacturer that spans all display fields, including TFT-LCD, LTPS, PDP, OLED, FED, etc., and has a market share of over 50% in all major machines, and in recent years, it even has a market share of over 90% in the new generation TFT-LCD single process machine, making it a leader in the display industry.

ULVAC Japan has an excellent team and complete technical services. With the spirit of "high quality, low cost" to meet customers' needs and the management philosophy of "sustainable management", ULVAC Taiwan Inc. was established to manufacture automatic control drive equipment for machinery required by ULVAC Group and its affiliated companies, and to provide various industrial machinery manufacturers in Taiwan with automatic electronic control equipment, expecting to gain the trust of customers with excellent quality, performance, and services.

外勤筋斗雲 客戶案例 優貝克自動化

Troubles at Work

Assignment difficulties: complicated work records, hard-to-track progress, time-consuming data sorting
Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc.'s technical team is mainly responsible for maintenance operations, site surveys, specification discussions, in-plant wiring, in-plant test, in-situ restoration, out-of-plant test, etc. The work is quite diverse and complex. However, in the past, most of the assignments were made by the sales staff and the client, then the case was directly assigned to the technical department, and the engineer would go out to make follow-up contact. Managers were often informed of the arrangements only after they had received the forms from the personnel, and the work records also required additional manpower and time to compile. From a manager's point of view, it is hard to keep track of the work schedule of the team, and it is not easy to know the progress of the work in real-time.

Difficulties in sign-off: troublesome process of reviewing daily reports and business trip application fees
Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. has a lot of work processes that need to be approved by the managers, such as daily reports, business trip applications, etc. Different processes according to different levels of cases, which takes a lot of time and is actually very inconvenient for people who are on business trips.

Attendance difficulties: unable to record field staff attendance information clearly
The technical team mainly works in the field, their daily schedule is to work on the client side, so they can't record the attendance time with punch cards like the staff in the office. Therefore, Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. used to upload photos to LINE for time and attendance management. However, the information on LINE was easily mixed up, which often caused difficulties in the subsequent consolidation of attendance reports.

Imported Benefits

Digital Assignment

Real-time follow-up, online storage of data, and accurate classification!

By digitizing the assignment process, the team's work progress is fully transparent. Engineers can report the status of work processing and communicate with each other via mobile phones at any time, and managers can review the team's work progress via the ServiceJDC backend.

ServiceJDC, which is good at data integration, not only can it classify tasks, but also has three different task data consolidation modes, so that managers can view reports according to their needs.

  • Task Dashboard:
    The visual charting mode enables real-time task status integration, allowing managers to get the quickest view of their team's progress.
  • Task Report:
    Whether it's by “customer", " field personnel", "task category" or "company group", the system can quickly count the number of tasks and the percentage of completion, and supervisors only need to select the time interval to understand the completion of the current quarter's assignments. For example, their assignment tasks are divided into maintenance operations, site surveys, specification discussions, in-plant wiring, in-plant test, in-situ restoration, out-of-plant test, and in-home safety education training, so that they can check the completion level of each category in a "task-by-task" way to supervise the responsible personnel.
  • Task List:
    They can quickly find task records according to the search criteria. No matter the task content, communication records, or related forms and signatures, they can see and store them all online.

Mobile sign-off &automatically create assignment tasks!
The biggest advantage of digitization for engineers in attendance is that they can fill out forms and handle administrative processes with their phones without the hassle of paperwork and data transfer. Now, engineers at Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. can simply use the ServiceJDC app to fill out the report after it is completed and send it to the system, and the system will automatically execute the sign-off process. The process is also clearly displayed, so managers don't have to make an extra effort to ask about the progress of the follow-up. For managers, they can also sign on their phones anytime and anywhere, so they are no longer confined to the office. For multi-process sign-off, ServiceJDC can also use "condition setting" to branch the process, allowing the system to make its own judgment and carry out the subsequent sign-off process.

More conveniently, ServiceJDC also has scheduling management that automates routine operations. For example, Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. uses scheduling to set up a set of data conversion rules after a person's business trip application is signed and approved, allowing the system to automatically create assignments based on the fields filled out in the application, such as target customers, travel time, etc., reducing such fragmented but time-consuming tasks.

Comprehensive Mobile Attendance Operations

Punch in at client locations, in line with the nature of fieldwork!
Attendance is a difficult management problem for field teams that are out of the office and do not have a fixed workplace. ServiceJDC has developed a flexible system that allows them to use the customer or equipment location as the time and attendance punching point, which makes it easy for sales, maintenance, and merchandising staff to solve the time and attendance problems. The advantage of the online system is that there is no need to purchase punching equipment, but a mobile phone that is usually carried with everyone can get it done! The personnel only need to select the customer location when punching in, and the system can automatically compare the GPS address, which effectively helps the managers to check the personnel's attendance status.

The team's clock-in status can be updated in real-time, and the managers can not only access the attendance statistics at any time through the ServiceJDC app but they can also view more detailed attendance statistics through the ServiceJDC backend, eliminating the need for labor-intensive attendance reports and speeding up the subsequent payroll process.

外勤筋斗雲 客戶案例 優貝克自動化

Overtime automatically counts as compensatory time off, eliminating manual calculation!
The online operation of leave and overtime allows engineers who are out of work to operate easily and speeds up the efficiency of the sign-off process. It is worth mentioning that ServiceJDC is very familiar with the time and attendance application of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, "localization" is one of the advantages of ServiceJDC, and all the management details can be set and adjusted to fit the usage situation. In terms of overtime management, the system can set up overtime hours check to prevent employees from working overtime in compliance with laws and regulations. In terms of overtime payment method, it can also choose overtime compensatory time off, so that the system will automatically convert overtime hours into compensatory time off after employees complete overtime applications, eliminating manual calculation.

The leave management part can automatically calculate the number of special leave days according to each employee. Managers can check the remaining leave days of the team members at any time, and the system will remind the employee to inform the remaining leave days when he/she takes the leave. It is convenient for individual leave arrangements and for managers to stagger the leave of each team member in advance.

Digital Process to Make the Progress Transparent and Tightly Connected to Each Work

Ulvac Automation Taiwan Inc. has previous experience in using ERP systems for import and export inventory and is no stranger to digital system implementation, but ERP is not entirely suitable for managing field personnel in terms of functions. ServiceJDC is good at solving this dilemma and all the details show that ServiceJDC knows fieldwork well and has a dedicated management solution to meet their needs.

ServiceJDC also has an equipment management function, which can create maintenance tasks and history records for equipment, and view the maintenance frequency of equipment. For maintenance contracts, users can also use the contract management function to centrally organize all contract information, view contract status, and set up expiration reminders to help staff handle contract renewals in a timely manner. The mileage management function can track field personnel's routes and calculate mileage, providing additional assurance for fuel subsidy review. BI Analytics can analyze all the data in the system, consolidate it into reports, and automatically send them to the mailboxes of managers. ServiceJDC is a full-featured system that complements the shortcomings of ERP or other management systems in field management. It also supports API connectivity, allowing enterprises to integrate ServiceJDC with other systems to perfectly integrate their own management situations.

ServiceJDC has a deep observation of field services such as equipment maintenance, commercialization, delivery, retail sales, house cleaning, home care, etc., and a professional consultant team has accumulated rich introduction experience to help companies gradually transform digitally. The introductory version is currently free for up to five people, for more information please visit the ServiceJDC website.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities
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