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Established in 1992, Utechzone has subsidiaries, offices and R&D centers around South East Asia and is the largest Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system vendor. We have over than 400 employees including about 100 R&D engineers and have more than 400 patents in U.S.A, Japan, Korea and China. Also, our several products have the greatest market share in the world.
We hold the belief of “We Serve with Vision” to achieve diverse fields of vison progress. Our main products are related to optics test devices like semiconductor, FPC, HDI, FPD, etc. We have more than 30 years experiences of machine vision and integrating optics, image-processing algorithm, automation, mechanics and motion control, AOI replaced traditional human inspection and achieve high precision with efficiency.

Pain Point

Challenge of Transnational Staff Management.

Our clients are around China, Japan, Korea and Singapore, to listen closer to customers’ needs, we have many domestical and overseas offices. However, it is difficult to manage field staff and have real time work progress.
We used to use punch clock but most salespeople and maintenance staff went outside serving customers (including cleaning, installment, adjustment, testing, repair call, training and data collection and so on), so they wouldn’t be in the office. They would fill out paper work sheets and customer service daily reports to be the attendance record for payroll calculating. But it could be an obstruct for communication owing to the delayed review of progress.

①Unable To Check Punch Time
We could hardly check the time that salespeople and maintenance staff reported in the records were true or not, and the actual working time was also hard to know. Not to mention leaves and shifts, they couldn’t be control timely.

②Unable To Manage Customer Serving Progress
All customers’ problems and serving situations have to wait for maintenance staff to report in sales reports so that the info can be aligned, which leads to delayed control of problems and the back-and-forth communication makes inefficiencies and bad qualities.

Why We Choose ServiceJDC

At first, we considered choosing a ready-made HRM system, developing by our own or outsourcing APP development.

However, there are many limits on ready-made HRM systems like not supporting Baidu map, fees are costly and need to wait for over half year to get customized functions. And for self-developing or outsourcing, the costs on planning, communicating, developing are very high. Owing to above reasons, we decided to pick up a suitable system to apply.

We found out ServiceJDC on the internet and started a trial after browsing the website. Their consultant gave us many set-up suggestions by our work situations. ServiceJDC provides great services, reasonable price and is under Mercuries Group, so we decided to apply it.

Imported Benefits

Utechzone Connects with ServiceJDC. Create Completed Management System
.Mobile Punching and Positioning Make Effective Attendance Reviewing
After applying ServiceJDC, we set up tasks, leave, time off in lieu as common task contents and assign the tasks by managers in the web-end. If there is any repair call, maintenance staff can create a task on APP. And for punch time, APP can record locations and time of task start and close, and even staff go on a business trip, they also can punch in/out (for China, the map can be changed to Baidu map); all the records can be connected through API to inner HRM system. The attendance can be added or adjusted in APP by field staff and the info will be synced up in the ServiceJDC. Therefore, managers can assign work effectively and HRs can control colleagues’ work and OT hours to calculate salaries.

.Work Progress Report by Phone. Managers Review on Web
In the past, we used Excel to pre-schedule staff’s work shifts and the shared info needed someone to maintain so the info wouldn’t be messed. And our customer services needed to log in MIS daily report system and key in work info and data, which costed much time.

Now our customer services can check on the daily work and schedule on APP and punch in/out when arriving and leaving. They can also fill out【Customer Service Report – Installment Form or Normal Work Form】on their phones; and the managers can check on the progresses and reports of tasks in the “Task List” in the web-end.
▶Extended Application
.Assignments and Announcements
We use “Message” to announce company’s assignments or notifications of work changes. The most convenient thing is that we can know who has read the message in the web-end and to remind those who haven’t to be aware of the messages so that everyone can be on the same page.

.Clear Task Type. Task Amount Analysis
We used to assign tasks through papers or Excel that we couldn’t effectively count the tasks. Now we use API to connect with ServiceJDC; all tasks can be transferred to inner system so that managers can review the work types in different timing and the implementations can be more effective and into a virtuous circle.
Continuously Complete Workflow and Improve Customer Service
To sum up, after Utechzone applied ServiceJDC, their field management and mobile work has achieved a better level and the convenience of attendance management, task info synchronization, announcements and tasks analysis make a greater management and efficiency.
What’s important is that all data collected by tasks and forms can be analyzed and managers can know more about customers. In the future, we will grow with Utechzone for better workflow and field management to make greater customer services.

ServiceJDC takes cloud rental service, so companies don’t have to pay much money up in one time and can have a trial to decide whether to apply. ServiceJDC is a one-stop services, apart from attendance, task and message mentioned above, we have form, approval, contract and equipment management and we support multilingual, Google map and Baidu map that transnational companies can realize mobile work. We are free for up to 5 people now, you can know more on ServiceJDC official website.


Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.