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In 1996, Yamaha Corporation establish “KHS Yamaha Musical Co., Ltd”. In 2013, it became subsidiary and change the name to Yamaha Music & Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd (YMET). In addition to instruments, PA products and musical education, we added AV speaker to our selling products.

Yamaha is the largest instrument manufacturer in the world. We produce piano, electronic piano, digital piano, woodwind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, etc.
Other than that, we have professional speakers, semiconductor products, soundproofing and golf set. Yamaha has been devoting to musical education for so long that we have open musical classes in 40 countries, including Japan and accumulating over 700 thousand students. We would like to build up a peaceful and healthy society by improving citizens’ music knowledge.

Troubles at Work

Yamaha has 10 instrument stores and 2 direct classrooms in department stores around Taiwan. Mainly selling instruments, AV domestic speakers, music software, course materials, music classes management courses and classroom rental.

【Challenge1】Handling paper orders and record stocks manually makes information asymmetry between each store and headquarter.
Salesperson would deal with near 150 pieces of purchase orders per month, including classroom rentals, courses buying and instruments selling. Unable to check the stock immediately, salesperson could only write down orders and send them back to the headquarter to arrange the shipping. Operation staff could hardly focus on other work if there’s any order coming for handling. Besides, things like order revoking, could hardly be synced up. What’s worse was that all purchase orders were keyed in by hand and it was time-wasting and energy-taking. All these led to inefficient controlling of selling conditions in department stores and classrooms.

【Challenge 2】Ununited daily operations report takes a bunch of time to organize.
In the end of business, selling staff needs to fill out【daily operations report】, including number of visits, calls, courses requires, revenue and a sketch of operation situation. After finishing, send it back to the headquarter, however, there are different formats of reports, so it takes time to organize them.

Imported Benefits

In 2018, we started searching management system and we found ServiceJDC. Their professional consultants helped us figure out our problems on work and provide solutions like digital forms and schedule (notice, stock management), which made us realized the convenience of digitalization.

Transparent company info – purchase order, stock sync up.

Service JDC assists YAMAHA Music to realize digital operation management.

Now staff in department stores and classrooms can check product stocks and fill out “purchase order” through web-end and App. Besides, when order is created, system will notify operation team and they can arrange shipping ASAP. Also, all the information including customer information, payment information and purchased items will be automatically recorded in the system. You don’t have to spend time to organize the data and managers can check real time sales conditions. When there are payments being paid and order being revoked, system will inform operation staff as well, which realize data transparency and synchronization.
Automatic sales statistics-auto organize daily operations report
For forms in ServiceJDC, we can not only create “purchase order” but “daily operations report”. Now our staff can fill out the report forms through App and operation team can check them in the web-end. What’s better is that we can use pivot table to make clear selling reports, which saves manual key-in work and prevent errors from manual work.

Integrate headquarter, department stores and classrooms to realize digital management

Yamaha built up a digital, timely and automatic management in headquarter, department stores and classrooms through ServiceJDC. Our order processing flow is faster and smoother, sales data and stock checking are clearer and more immediate. Thanks to ServiceJDC, we achieved an effective and efficient management.

ServiceJDC is a one-stop cloud field management service. We provide attendance, sales, maintenance, merchandising, stores, housework etc. solutions. ServiceJDC is digital, flexible, mobile, auto, cross-platform, multilingual and has reasonable price and perfect service. Try it free for up to 5 people with our entry level version. Easy and effective way to realize digital transformation. For more information, please go to ServiceJDC website.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.