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Founded in 2018, Hong Sheng Information was originally a small studio founded in 2007 by a group of young engineers. With their engineering background and continuous refinement in the information industry, they have a deep understanding of the needs of their clients and are well regarded by them. After accumulating considerable practical experience, the company was formally established to serve more enterprises.

They always give priority to customer service and regard customers as their responsibility. They provide professional services and various software and hardware as well as professional consultancy services for SMEs to solve the management needs of information environment by combining the concept of information outsourcing.

In an increasingly dynamic information market, they maintain a high competitive edge, allowing customers to enjoy the best quality and diversified application services.

Troubles at Work

1. Difficult to check the attendance of maintenance staff when they are out on duty
When managing field staff, the most troublesome thing for managers is to check the attendance status of staff. Unlike internal staff who can use tools such as punch cards to record absences, field staff would not only not be fixed in the company, but their work locations will often change based on customers. In the past, the management method was mainly to report the attendance status verbally, but it was difficult to confirm its authenticity, which was really disturbing.

2. Contact by phone and communication software, unable to record the report information
In the past, related industries and companies used to use telephone or communication software for dispatch notification, however, this can only achieve "communication", for the details of the discussion, we can only rely on memory, or look up the chat records. In the follow-up review of staff performance and in the exploration of customer service optimization possibilities, managers need to compile all additional information. In terms of managing a maintenance team, there is much room for improvement in the efficiency of this approach.

3. Paper-based maintenance sheets are time-consuming to complete and difficult to collect data
For the staff, paperwork is inconvenient to carry, time-consuming to write by hand, and even requires an extra trip to the company to submit the work order. For the company, the internal staff needs time and effort to consolidate all the form data of the team, and the managers would not receive real-time information about the team and had no flexibility to adjust the management plan.

Imported Benefits

Professional Field Attendance Solution Virtual Location Prevention
In response to the field nature of the maintenance staff, Hong Sheng Information recorded the attendance status of their staff by verbal reports, but the problem of unverifiability arose. However, most of the attendance management tools in the market are used for internal work and are not suitable for the work pattern of irregular workplace.

ServiceJDC is a management system specially designed for field work, which provides a perfect solution for attendance management of field personnel. There are two types of punching: "Attendance" and "Task".
  • Attendance Punching:punch in and out according to customers, or without specifying a location, regulate the staff's commuting time.
  • Task Punching:Personnel punch in when they arrive at the maintenance location.
The operation of the two clocking modes can facilitate Hong Sheng Information to better manage the attendance status of the personnel and understand the distribution status of the personnel in the workplace, so that temporary assignments can be made nearby.

ServiceJDC is not sloppy when it comes to anti-counterfeiting measures. If an employee uses a virtual location, the clock-in function is blocked by the system, thus ensuring the authenticity of punching.
Electronic Verification of Leave and Overtime
In accordance with Hong Sheng Information's past practice, maintenance staff who are out of the office and need to sign off on items such as overtime will need to return to the office for the sign off process, but this is often delayed. The use of ServiceJDC's digital approval is not limited to time and place, which is very suitable for field staff. It also displays the current sign-off node and the staff of that node, so that the progress of sign-off can be seen at a glance and any situation can be detected quickly, solving the problem of traditional sign-off which is often delayed.

In addition, ServiceJDC can also upload employee arrival days to employee accounts to automatically calculate the number of days off, and when employees fill out leave slips, the number of days left on the leave will be clearly displayed at the bottom, and managers can check the number of days left on employees' leave at any time, making it easy for small teams to stagger everyone's leave schedule in advance.
Schedule Shows Staff Assignments and Returns are Clearly Documented
Hong Sheng Information used to use communication software to communicate work matters, often mixed with non-task related messages, it is difficult to review important information quickly, in fact, if separating the task and daily communication, it will be more efficient way to work. ServiceJDC uses "task reporting" to report on punching and processing status, and can also attach descriptions or attachments, combining task communication history and the task itself, allowing maintenance work to focus on important information, and facilitating follow-up review of the overall workflow to optimize customer service.
Forms with Original Formatting, Quickly Provide Customer Contact Form
Compared with the old paper forms, the e-forms are very flexible in terms of the creation of fields, including signature, photo, and form calculation. Staff don't need to bring in paper repair forms, the way of filling forms is faster, and the QR code or link can be generated immediately after the forms are filled out. More importantly, the system automatically collects and consolidates all the form data, so that employees do not have to spend time to return to the office to submit the data after a day's work, and the staff do not need to spend time and effort on form statistics.

Every aspect of form digitization has been thought through by ServiceJDC in advance: for example, Hong Sheng Information wants the same format on the customer’s receipt form as in the past, ServiceJDC provides a set of forms that are perfectly compatible with the company’s existing standard forms, and the straight forms can be easily filled out using mobile phones. Moreover, when generating QR codes or links for customers, they are automatically converted into the standard formats, so there is no problem of incompatibility with the old paper forms.

Extended Applications

Smart Dispatch and Automated Notifications Sending
In Hong Sheng Information workflow, after completing a repair or warranty task, a notice of completion of the repair inspection needs to be sent to the customers. ServiceJDC's scheduling function allows pre-set trigger conditions to automate some of the work, which is a good way to meet the need. With this feature, even regular monthly maintenance tasks can be automatically set up, saving time and effort!

In addition, Hong Sheng Information offers a point-based billing system for long-term customers, which allows customers to purchase points in advance and deduct points for the number of maintenance services. ServiceJDC also helps Hong Sheng Information to do increase/decrease calculation through scheduling function for such charging model. Use the "Custom Data" function to create customer point data. Once the form is filled out with the number of deductions and sent, the scheduling function will automatically calculate and update the customer point data at the same time. The flexible cascading of various module functions allows ServiceJDC to be used in a variety of ways, just like a custom system to fit Hong Sheng Information's workflow and usage needs.

Professional Support from the Consultant Team. Functional Flexibility as Customization.

To evaluate a management system, apart from its functional suitability, another important point is whether there is a professional and mature consultancy team. In the process of digital transformation, the consultant team of the system vendor will be the biggest backup for the enterprise, and ServiceJDC has done a great job in this regard. With the help of our consultants, Hong Sheng Information has been able to digitize its workflow and find the most suitable application for itself.

ServiceJDC is a complete one-stop management service platform, from the basic task assignment, digital forms, attendance management, to the most necessary maintenance field equipment management, contract management, mileage calculation, etc., all kinds of functions are available. It is also possible to interconnect the functions of different modules to achieve the effect of customization and meet the management needs of enterprises in all aspects. Plus, the price plan is based on the number of people, so you can buy as much as you need, and you can also purchase additional adjustments at any time. Now available for free for up to five people, learn more on ServiceJDC official website.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.