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Established in 2008, Tinfar Technology has devoted to air quality, temperature, industrial data, agricultural facilities monitoring and improving. Serving customers from hospitals, government agencies, famous gyms, and apartment stores.

Owing to development policy for green energy in Taiwan, Tinfar has hired many excellent talents to establish green energy development department in 2009. Begin with solar energy, we built up our own solar power plants and help customers to build theirs. From planning to maintaining, we helped customers in Miaoli and Hualien and would like to extend our service range over Taiwan. Tinfar has gathered many professions to put efforts on green energy development.

Troubles at Work

Maintenance Progress is Hard to Manage
It’s difficult to know if maintenance staff has arrived customer’s place by traditional task management, not to mention work status. We could barely give a timely support or urge the staff owing to not knowing the work progress and has a problem dispatching staff.

Paper Form Makes Inefficiency
You can hardly track and analyze the data through paper forms and need lots of labors to organize and key in data. When using paper approval process, if there’s someone work outside or take a leave, the process will be stopped and lead to delayed progress or missing forms.

Imported Benefits

Have Fieldwork Under Control. Easy Assignment for Repair Call.
After applying serviceJDC, maintenance staff can add maintenance tasks on APP, clock in when arriving maintenance place and use “Task Report” to report work status or comment on difficulties, which helps managers to view all employees’ schedule and work time to assign available staff to implement a task.

Clear Progress and Transparent Work Performance.
ServiceJDC has a very useful function, which is “Task Dashboard”. Its visual report makes clear task status and task histories, we won’t miss any notice of reports and all task records are saved in the cloud, preventing data missing. We only need to enter filters; the system will run all related data. We can search employee’s task records, calculating personal performance and have more transparent team info for managers to control operation strategies.

Flexible Digital Form Making. Track and Analyze data Easily.
Whether maintenance form, quotation or reimbursement, companies need forms to implement these applications, and this is why Tinfar found ServiceJDC to help.
Digital forms in ServiceJDC have huge flexibility on designing and applying. For example, ServiceJDC use vertical writing format to fit in phones and can be designed by company’s paper form which only needs to set up “import format”, the system will apply the format automatically and export it to PDF file.
What’s great is that for digital forms, the system can organize all data and we can do pivot analysis that simplify workflow and speed up creating reports.

Mobile Approval Speeds Up the Process.
Mobile approval is suitable for companies that have field staff. It’s inconvenient if field staff have to spend extra time going to office to process approvals. Now for out-of-office employees, they can open APP and apply all types of approval forms on phone, and if the managers are off, there can be a substitute, so the process won’t be stuck.

Extended Application

Digital Attendance Management. Auto-Calculating Leave and Overtime.
Apart from field management, ServiceJDC provides a useful attendance management. It can be matched to other functions, like attendance plus approval can be leave and OT application system, and we don’t need to calculate every employee’s attendance because the system can auto create attendance reports that attendance, leave, and OT time can be seen on them. In this way, salaries are easier to be calculated.
ServiceJDC has lots of details to be changed and adjusted which can match every company’s application just like customized system, but the costs are way lower than it!
Completed Consultant Service. Lower Pressure on Transformation.

There are lots of companies facing difficulties during digital transformation, like setting up SOP and transfer it to the online system will take lots of time. Therefore, consultants of system vendors are important. The consultants of ServiceJDC have years experiences on helping companies applying system and solving all difficulties.
To make employees of the company know how to operate the system, we give them a training to make sure if our customers have questions using the system, all the employees can have feedback on the problem, lowering our customers’ insecurity owing to not understand.

Besides, royalty free customized management systems in the markets need a bunch of installment fee and maintenance, upgrade fee afterwards. Compared to it, ServiceJDC provides monthly rental public cloud service which decreases the pressure on the budget. And flexible modules can be applied to different needs in different companies. From sales to maintenance, field to office, all are suitable for it. ServiceJDC is a fast-grow tool and our development team continuously listen to management needs in all aspects and upgrade versions. Start your trial for up to five people free now and go to ServiceJDC official website to learn more.

Find infinite possibilities
in ServiceJDC.

Find infinite possibilities in ServiceJDC.