Cost-free Smart IT investment - ServiceJDC draws large audience

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2017/06/29 04:11 David Haung 

  To confront the trend of digital transformation, many proprietors of small & medium enterprises are looking forward to get on board for a quick win without costing too much on IT construction. Such expectation may sounds like “the Arabian nights”. But in fact, since the launch of “ServiceJDC”, the “cost-free IT investment” gains its popularity. More and more enterprises are enhancing their management performance through their implementation of mobile device and cloud service integration. No extra IT equipment or manpower are required, which is very friendly for the very first step in digital transformation journey. 


     Alone with technological advancements and market environment change, the challenge facing many enterprises is that, if there is no effective way to find new source or save cost, their business operation will become more difficult on existing business models. Chris Tsai, the sales director of Cloud and Mobile Service Business Unit of Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. says that the expertise of operation of small & medium enterprises in Taiwan is flexible and tough.  In difficult situation, they clench their teeth and strive. The attitude of bearing the hardship is a virtue, maybe also the tips of business operation.  But as Mr. Jack Ma says: “The company and business owner need not only to work hard, but also to work smart!” We may take the hardship as granted, but in another point of view, could it be a wrong way?


     Chris Tsai says, as many other enterprises, Mercuries Data Systems Ltd., with more than 40 years of history, has faced challenge from business environment as well. The popularity of internet finance and mobile payment impact the ATM maintenance service of the company, which is one of the major service. That brings about a task to find a solution for business transformation, discover new resource, and save the cost. There are more than 200 maintenance engineers for over ten thousands of ATM machines all over Taiwan, who are the target of an optimization of service efficiency and management cost. The experience of managing these fieldworkers becomes the foundation of cloud management platform- “ServiceJDC.” Today, this platform brings a considerable benefit to the management performance of Mercuries Data Systems Ltd., and turns into a new profit service for external customers.


  Chris Tsai, the sales director of Cloud and Mobile Service Business Unit of Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. speaks to enterprises: “You will never go back if you ever used “ServiceJDC” !  Photograph/David Haung


     “ServiceJDC” is launched in October last year. Currently, there are already several hundreds of enterprises registered, and many other more who have shown their interests in the inquiries. Chris Tsai laughs: “After going online, there have been many enterprises asking about ServiceJDC. But the implementation of enterprises is a bit slow, so I was worry that it will be outstanding in terms of reputation but not in terms of sales. However, we received quite a lot of positive feedback and good comments from our clients who have made implementation, thanks to the enhancement of management performance and service quality. It makes us more confident of the extension of platform and market potential. Yet, due to the fact that implementation is slower than expected, we still have to overcome this bottleneck.”


     Chris Tsai indicates that “ServiceJDC” service offers schedule planning, check-in report, map tracking, push notification, and market information collection functions as a comprehensive field staff management tool. Compares to traditional manual operation, it reduce tremendously the complexity and work load of operation and communication. Besides, there are several advantages which would win business owners’ heats, such as: Paper-free instant upload function, that reduces the cost of paper and the risk of data loss; Back-end management, that offers form management and data analysis possibilities; and Check-in report, that creates a solution for “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day” policy. But on the other hand, there might be several road blocks from staffs’ resistance or doubt that could slow down the implementation. These road blocks may be due to the large change of previous operational habit, the map tracking which makes sales staff uncomfortable, or extra work to integrate new back-end management platform and previous internal system. It takes time to make a clear communication with staffs for their adaption, which makes the implementation of ServiceJDC a bit delayed.


     He emphasizes, the system of the platform is highly flexible and extendable. Take map tracking function for example, to use or not to use, it is up to user’s choice. The clients are welcome to make a wish list of new functions or forms to us. The professional consultant team of Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. will solve any implementation issues. As long as the enterprise are determined, the implementation will be successful. Many of our successful stories are from small & medium enterprises. And also several are from field staff department of large enterprises. Application areas and situations include sales promotion, maintenance service, logistic distribution, manpower dispatch, security guards inspection, domestic service, or insurance business. There are more applications under development. To facilitate the very first step of digital transformation for more enterprises, ServiceJDC is designed with free accounts up to 5 persons. The users only need to pay when their usage is above free amount. The basic functions are all free in a longstanding.


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