【Business Today|Trend Report】 Challenges for the Manufacturing Services in the Post Pandemic Era

In the post-epidemic era, the manufacturing service industry is facing multiple challenges. In addition to the long-term proposition of smart manufacturing and digital transformation and upgrading that must be considered in order to break away from the image of production, how can the manufacturing service industry maintain stable operations in the face of global productivity instability, labor shortages, transportation problems and delivery delays, the international situation, and the effect of the war in Russia and Ukraine due to the new epidemic? Kyoden's General Manager, Mr. Huang Defeng, believes that it is important to take the step of introducing digital management tools to help the manufacturing services industry break through the challenges in the post-epidemic era.

ServiceJDC helps AWA FOODS integrate logistic service to create win-win situation

There seem no big problems in ingredients logistic service. However, “logistic integrate” is the key to success from sales to logistic in Taiwan’s fierce competition environment. 

Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. serviceJDC one-stop data integrate system established in China

Are you still using papers to write down when outside office during work time? Paper forms has been already out-of-date! You need to adapt digital transformation to your office to get rid of paper files and computer key-in works. ServiceJDC made by Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. (2427) is a leading cloud-based manage system among industry. With decades of field management experience, we provide our customers one-stop data integrate system service to enhance work efficiency and save time for both managers and staff.

MDS ServiceJDC assists merchandise display digital transformation and diminish paper work

Traditional business operator usually has 3 problems, when facing digital transformation and implementing cloud-based management system. 1. Barely no flexible, suitable and customized system. 2. Develop system or license is extremely expensive.3. Do not have consultant service or training lessons after implement system. It’s urgent to solve these problem when confronting implementing management system for all the traditional business operators. 

ServiceJDC helps enterprise digital management with smart attendance method and database stored in cloud

Most of the enterprise found that it is difficult to manage massive both field and internal staff when facing shortage of system and paper works in the digital era. Also, owners of enterprise though that if they keep managing these work by traditional process is a waste of time and labor, while developing manage system themselves might cost a lot.