All-new mileage management! Online business clocking, visit records, and mileage calculation all in one go

Can you effectively control your sales staff's fuel expenses? Can you see every detail on your mileage and expense reports at a glance? Of the thousands of businesses we serve, most of our customers struggle with mileage expense calculations. The traditional way of mileage reimbursement may be to ask staff to take pictures of the number of kilometers to and from work to calculate; it may lead to the under-reporting of the calculation and make the staff feel unfair. However, if the subsidy is reported by invoice, it will be a high expense, which is an invisible pressure on the enterprise, and the unequal information will easily lead to many problems.

In response to customer needs, ServiceJDC has released Mileage Management to help companies with business management needs to automate their mileage calculation operations. Now, whether it's visit planning, order approval, history inquiry, customer management, product inventory, sales data or mileage management, you can do it all in one go with our field management tool!

servicejd mileage management solution

Reasons for choosing ServiceJDC's Mileage Management:

Not real-time tracking, based on staff-initiated clocking point-to-point location calculation

The common online mileage management system has real time route records. Although this way can record the most complete information, but it is easy to make the business staff feel untrusted. In addition, personnel still need to set each location to another, still need to fill in and calculate manually one by one, is not a fully automated operation.

ServiceJDC's mileage management adopts the method of “employee-initiated reporting”. For example, if a salesperson visits A and B customers and checks in, the system will calculate the mileage based on the best route from point A to point B. Even if the salesperson goes to a restaurant for dinner in the middle of the trip, it will not affect the record. It is also possible to change the mileage through "mileage adjustment request form" in case of special conditions. Active, transparent and highly flexible records make mileage management more reliable.

servicejd mileage punch

Automatic mileage calculation, accurate and reliable cost

In order to create a convenient mileage calculation, the primary consideration is to simplify the execution steps of the salesperson or manager. serviceJDC integrates the original [Attendance Punch] and [Task Sign-in], as long as the employees are included in the mileage setting group, the salesperson just needs to operate in the same way as before, the system can start to automatically calculate the daily mileage. For example, as you can see in the picture below, the salesperson visited six customers on 9/9, and the system will calculate the mileage based on the time point and the location of each punching point.

servicejdc mileage calculate details app

Mileage statistics not only provides the query of the app, but also allows sales managers or finance staff to check the mileage of the team through the backend. The mileage information can be viewed in map mode by clicking "View", which indicates the location and path of each punching point and the means of transportation used by the salesperson, making the mileage check truly simple.

 servicejdc mileage calculate details web

Likewise, the fuel subsidy application can set a monthly subsidy rate based on the fuel price, and you can choose the mode of transportation (car, motorcycle) and the rate calculation method (single rate, progressive rate) so that the subsequent application can be calculated automatically through the system.

servicejdc oil rate setting

The payment method can be divided into Specific Application (Web) and Individual Application (App). It only takes two steps to check the person and date and click on the payment, then go to the expense statistics page, confirm that it is correct and send the application. Easily complete the request and the mileage is calculated based on the location of the punching, no more ambiguous, but a real and reliable cost calculation.

servicejdc oil cost allowance application
servicejdc personal oil cost application

ServiceJDC's brand-new Mileage Management is closer to your business management needs

With the launch of ServiceJDC one-stop field management solution, Mercuries Data Systems continues to explore more deeply into maintenance, business, commercialization and other functional scenarios to create a management service that better meets the needs of field personnel. The newly introduced "Mileage Management" function provides companies with a solution to the problem of unclear auditing of mileage calculations. It clearly present daily mileage details, total mileage, punching locations, and verified mileage, etc. The records are true and transparent, allowing managers or finance staff to easily grasp mileage expenses. The comprehensive business management solution of ServiceJDC provides online clocking, visit planning, visit report, history query, daily report filling, order approval, customer management, inventory management, mileage calculation and sales analysis, allowing enterprises to realize mobile operations, face the epidemic more easily and quickly respond to various office patterns. For more information, please visit the ServiceJDC website.