Water Filter Equipment Vendors' Top Choice for Digital Management - Attendance Clock-in, Business Commercialization, and Maintenance in One Stop!

With the increasing awareness of people's health, water filters have gradually come into households, bringing healthier and more convenient drinking water to every family. Equipment vendors of water filters play a key role in between, providing one-stop service to households from frontline sales at commercial outlets, marketing, and sales, to backend installation, maintenance, repair, and device dismantling.

[New Feature] Contract Management is now live! With automated maintenance scheduling, we're creating efficient digital contract maintenance

Are you hoping for contract management and automatic generation of scheduled maintenance tasks? In our interactions with users who have maintenance management needs, besides the basic personnel, maintenance service orders, and equipment management difficulties, another major issue that users struggle with is the arrangement of scheduled maintenance plans. For enterprises with after-sales maintenance service mechanisms and numerous maintenance contracts, internal staff or maintenance supervisors need to consolidate and assign periodic maintenance tasks every quarter, month, or even week. This repetitive work only consumes the supervisor's time and energy, so it is common to receive feedback from users hoping to simplify the task of automating periodic maintenance assignments.

[Upgrade Announcement] Attendance feature upgraded: "Flexible Working Hours" is no longer a management pain point!

To ensure the rights and interests of both employers and employees, a more rigorous version of the Labor Standards Act has been implemented. Along with the standard "One Fixed Day Off and One Flexible Rest Day" policy, industries with specific shift arrangements, known as "flexible working hours," now face more complex scheduling rules. Additionally, there are clearer regulations regarding overtime pay on holidays and rest days. To help employers adapt to these revised employee scheduling regulations, ServiceJDC has launched Attendance Management 2.0. This new feature assists HR and supervisors in resolving attendance punching, payroll calculation, and data retention issues that have been causing headaches.

[New Feature] Automated scheduling with real-time data for internal, external, and cross-departmental tasks.

Although traditional management systems have some system support, many enterprise users find their interfaces not intuitive enough, with few flexible setting options. The function modules operate independently and cannot be integrated, and the columns automatically exported often do not match user needs.