How to create Employee Accounts?

Click on “Data management>Employee Account”. There are two options: Individually create or batch import. 

1. Individually create: click “Add”, enter login data and basic data and “Save”. 

2. Batch import: Go to Import to download excel sample file, enter employee data into cells according description, and upload data by using import function.

(If error occurs, adjust excel according to error message then upload again.)

欄位注意事項: Attention for the cell: 

*【Staff Account】、【Staff Name】、【Cellphone】、【Email Address】and【Line Account】must be unique and not used. It is not allowed to recreate the same data in same system.

* Every account of【System Manager】、【Manager Staff】and【Fieldworker】is designed with at least one Role, which means there must be a cell “Y.”

*【Affiliated Department (Organization Code)】could be found in “Organization.”